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My works are the visual outcomes of my constant search for a place. My different objects, paintings and drawings are created in respect of the notion of space, a notion I have been occupied with since my early childhood. Due to my personal background, I found myself consistently searching my own place in life, both metaphorically and physically: my father served as a captain on ships, and I spent much time sailing with him. On the one hand, the ships became a kind of a second mobile and nomadic home to me. On the other hand, having my father gone for long periods of time, turned my own home to an unsteady environment, containing constant changes and shifting relationships.   


In my works, I choose materials and images that relate to me and support my process of creating floating, unsolid environments. I usually include maritime elements, such as ropes, ships and navigation maps. Sometimes I use the primary object itself, and sometimes the works draw their inspiration from the object's shapes, colors and textures. The presentation of the work is always a part of the work itself, and many times the final installation is taken into consideration through the process of creation. 

I try to reach the delicate point of imbalance, a distilled expression of my own experience of the world as a platform for everlasting, unsolved tension. Thus, in each of my works there are gaps to overcome: movements versus stillness, darkness versus brightness, solidity versus lightness - kind of scales that never reach their final goal. My works do not solve this tension, only bring it into a materialistic realization, where it is easier to deal with.

I wonder, is balance even possible? And what happens when you reach it?


Artist Statement

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