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Untitled (long jump)
Untitled (long jump)

The installation by Talia Yemini portrays the moment of physical, but also of spiritual, exaltation. Yemini delineates a long- jump track on the floor of the gallery. It is in effect a partial track displaying the approach path leading to the point of takeoff on the wooden board and up to the leap. The track is open. There is no finishing point. The uncertainty regarding the end of the track lends importance to the moment of takeoff, that selfsame powerful moment of body and soul harnessed in tandem in a single endeavor – to cover the longest possible distance in the direction of the longed for destination, to reach the target, to realize another step, another stage along the way. Whether this is a material-earthy or a mental-spiritual track – a powerful takeoff is essential in either case.


Karni Barzilay, 2012 


Practice Makes Perfect

2012, Group exhibition, TAG-TAVI ART GALLERY, Tel-Aviv


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